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Halloween 2022: Clear Ice Joins In on the Fun

Halloween celebrations have continued to gain traction in France these past few years, and it has shown in the various spooky-themed parties and events throughout Paris.

Some of Paris' best cocktail haunts chose to add spooky decor into their cocktails, too - with Clear Ice, of course!

Perfect Halloween Clear Ice

Clear Ice Eyeball Inclusions
Madame Crazy Clear Ice Eyes

With Brittini being American, Halloween is one of her favorite days of the year. She was thrilled to be tasked to create festive Clear Ice inclusions for our Parisian customers.

There was a bit of back and forth on what she should use for these special Halloween orders, but she finally landed on the perfect inclusion - Eyeballs!

Spirit-thirsty Parisians were treated to eye-catching cocktails in Pigalle at Lulu White Drinking Club and Dirty Dick. There were also festive ghosts, bats, and Jack o’ lantern engraved Clear Ice driving home the Halloween vibes in Private Events all over town! Thanks to everyone who shared shots of our creepy clear ice inclusions in action.

Custom Clear Ice and Engravings for Any Occasion

By now, most craft bartenders know that Clear Ice elevates the quality of a cocktail but also the overall guest experience. But did you know that Clear Ice can help you nail a theme, as well?

The Nice Company offers Clear Ice inclusions and engravings to help bring themed menus and events to life.

Want to add custom cuts to your bar? Contact us for a quote.

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